Course Description

In this course, builders will learn about the fundamentals of Brain Science and how Emotion and Logic are used to make decisions, focusing the discussion on high-performance homes.

The speakers will utilize components within the Energy Step Code to evaluate how emotional and logical connections are made between the consumer (end user) and the key high-performance technology/product. (windows, HRVs, Air Tightness, Wall Assemblies, and Foundation Insulation) Builders will learn how to recognize these emotions in their homeowners/homebuyers and how to effectively present the value of the high-performance technologies/products/systems to achieve the desired result.

Approved for 2.0 CPDs in Business Planning
Note: If you have already taken this course in person, repeating it online will not qualify for additional CPD points.

Course curriculum

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    Chapter 1

    • Before You Get Started

    • Agreement to HAVAN Academic Integrity Policy

    • Part 1

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    Chapter 2

    • Part 2

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    Chapter 3

    • Part 3

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    Chapter 4

    • Part 4

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    Chapter 5

    • Part 5

    • Feedback

    • Declaration of Completed Work Assignment

Vice President of Sales and Business Development

Anton Van Dyk, Centra Construction Group

Anton Van Dyk has 20 years of building envelope related consulting and construction experience. He is currently the Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Centra Windows as is also involved in its Research and Development department. Anton has been actively involved in overseeing the implementation of new windows standards into its manufacturing and sales departments. He has helped develop window testing protocols and is actively involved in the field testing of windows and doors. Prior to his involvement with Centra Windows, Anton was actively involved in the building science consulting industry, from building envelope rehabilitation projects and new construction mixed-use wood and concrete frame construction for low- and high-rise buildings, to building envelope including high performance pressure equalized rainscreen cavities, and air barrier concepts along with continuous exterior insulation methods.