On March 7, 2019, BC Housing announced changes to the CPD process, which comes into effect on July 1, 2019. These changes are: active practice category for 20 points of CPD is removed; 20 CPD points are required instead of 40; and nominees may be able to carry up to 20 extra earned CPD training points over from one licence term to the next.  Builders also no longer have to take a majority of CPD points in a particular category (known as “category A” in the current regulation).  Click here for more information via the BC Housing website. 

HAVAN’s education program offers courses that are based on the core competencies outlined by BC Housing:
  • Relevant enactments (building code)
  • Construction management and supervision
  • Construction technology
  • Customer service and home warranty insurance
  • Financial planning and budget management
  • Legal issues
  • Business planning, management, and administration
  • Business ethics

Each course on eLearn clearly indicates what competencies it covers and the number of CPD points it is worth.

Important note: Builders can only claim a maximum of 20 CPD points in informal training. Courses offered by HAVAN are considered informal learning. For information about acceptable training for CPDs, see the attached BC Housing document or call them directly at 604-646-7050.