Course Description

We live in an indoor generation where we spend 90% of our time indoors and this is having dramatic effects on our health.

Participants will learn to define what indoor comfort is and how we can bring it into the home to improve indoor living comfort and health whilst maintaining a high performing building envelope. There will be discussion on how to design with daylight and fresh air through the roof, and better identify and understand why the Canadian consumer is asking for more daylight as one of the first renovations to be done in a home.

Participants will also learn how skylights integrate into the building envelope and key lessons on how to maximise and increase the longevity of that skylight, and look at how to work with code to make the most of every project.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Defining what comfort is
  2. Comfort Via Top Lighting
  3. Ventilation and Efficiency Through the Roof
  4. Building Science and Designing to Maximize Performance
  5. Understanding Code in Relation to Skylights

Approved for 1.5 CPD Points in Construction Technology

Note: If you have already taken this course in person, repeating it online will not qualify for additional CPD points.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1

    • Before You Get Started

    • Agreement to HAVAN Academic Integrity Policy

    • Presenter Slides

    • Part 1

  • 2

    Chapter 2

    • Part 2

  • 3

    Chapter 3

    • Part 3

    • Feedback

    • Declaration of Completed Work Assignment

Russell Ibbotson and Matthew Hayward, VELUX Canada

Russell Ibbotson, Technical Manager, VELUX CanadaA professional engineer in Ontario with 17 years of experience representing manufacturers in the residential and commercial building sectors. Russell spent the first half of his professional career in renewable energy before transitioning into windows. Russell is now the Technical Manager at VELUX Canada where his team is responsible for commercial business development, building code compliance, product and project support and after sales support. Russell has made volunteering with industry associations a part of his job description. Russell spent 2 years on the board for the Canadian Home Builder’s Association, spent 4 years on the CHBA Net Zero Council, is on the OHBA/ EnerQuality Technical Committee, is in his forth year of being on the RCI Ontario board and second year of being on the CSC Toronto Chapter’s board where he co-chaired the Building Expo earlier this year. In 2016, Russell and his family were the test drivers of the Great Gulf Centennial Park Active House. Russell is also the first Active House Verifier in North America. Matthew Hayward, Outside Sales Representative, VELUX Established as a reliable business partner for builders and architects in a short time. Matthew is passionate and always looking to inform and educate on how to comply with code and build energy efficient envelopes without sacrificing comfort. This is achieved through learning of the project and discussing what the desired goals are and helping select the best product. As the local Velux Sales Representative for the Greater Vancouver Region, Sea to sky, and BC interior Matthew is a resource to be used and able to meet on site and consult on projects and link builders with suppliers and installers.