Material Selection for Airtight Buildings

Material Selection for Airtight Buildings

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Course description

Learn about what you need to look for in building materials to create a reliable, lasting and airtight building envelope at the April Builders’ Breakfast Session. What are the characteristics of products that will allow you to pass your blower door test at 3.5 ach? How about when step code goes to 2.0 ach? 1.0 ach? SIGA will discuss the three most important parts of passing your inspection; Planning, Product and Preparation!

Key Learning Take-Aways:
  • Selecting the right product for your airtight building based on project airtightness goal (0.6-3.5ach)
  • Airtight envelope material selection criteria
  • How to plan for and communicate with site on an airtight project
  • Hazards to avoid on your first blower door tested project

Approved for CPD credits: 1.0 in Construction Technology
Note: If you have already taken this course in person, repeating it online will not qualify for additional CPD points.

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Sean McStay, Country Manager,  SIGA Cover
Sean McStay, Country Manager, SIGA Cover

Sean is the country manager for SIGA in Canada. He comes from a 15+ year career selling products in the construction market with a focus on building envelope and high performance standards. Sean is a PHI certified Passive House Consultant, and is also a guest lecturer at the BCIT Passive House trades training program as well as the City of Vancouver air-tightness training course. Sean’s focus day to day is to help decision-makers select the right materials that balance performance, longevity, ease of use and overall value to create lasting, airtight buildings.

SIGA is a family owned and operated Swiss company that has been in business for over 50 years. Its products are regularly used in a wide variety of climate zones from areas above the Arctic Circle to Australia and everywhere between. Its focus is on designing, manufacturing and distributing toxin free high performance tapes and membranes.