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Businesses are looking for ways to adapt to survive the COVID-19 crisis, and although small- to medium-sized businesses are more vulnerable to the unstable conditions, they also have the ability to quickly shift gears to make things happen.

HAVAN-member, Keith Lloyd of The Business Surgeon Consultancy will share strategies you can implement right away to help your business survive and focus on moving forward.

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Keith Lloyd, The Business Surgeon Consultancy

Keith Lloyd has been an Entrepreneur for 34 years. His first business, Vancouver Sushiman – a wholesale food manufacturing company – was a catalyst in pioneering the Grab and Go industry in grocery stores that is so popular in the current marketplace. He built it from concept to a multi-million dollar venture over a 20-year span, creating detailed systems and processes along the way.In 2006, his focus shifted to providing consulting to other businesses to avoid the ups and downs that he had experienced. Since then, his focus has been working a number of small and medium sized companies in various industries, including construction. In 2012, his company rebranded to become The Business Surgeon Consultancy.From Keith: “My experience working on a construction site in limited, however, I do have a lot of experience in this industry as I went to post-secondary vocational school for construction and then experience working briefly. That said, our company has partnered with a number of builders, renovators and suppliers to the industry for the last 4 years – and they’ve won major awards! And as a HAVAN member of 2½ years, we’ve grown to understand members and their needs. While they build spectacular projects we help them with their business building.”The Business Surgeon Consultancy company uses a holistic approach to pull apart and diagnose any type of business issue. The company’s vision is to add balance to business owners’ lives, reigniting the passion they experienced when they first conceptualized their business. From analyzing and creating successful systems and processes to working on the mindset of the people running them, the Business Surgeon Consultancy’s deep understanding and experiences in the personal development arena brings out all clients’ core values and their ‘why’. Cutting to the core issues facilitates growth and removes their fears of success while getting them ready for funding.  This approach is what sets Keith’s company apart from other consulting businesses.