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Integrating artificial intelligence with homebuilding, StepWin – freely available in growing regions around BC — is a modeling tool to help homebuilders create cost-efficient and better Energy Step Code homes.  With the research they have conducted using this system, the team behind StepWin can identify the key promoters of good building science principles in residential construction projects. These principles translate to comfortable, durable, and energy-efficient designs that meet the project’s budget and constraints.

In this Builders’ Breakfast Seminar, Arman Mottaghi, CEO of Lambda Science, will present the key findings on the drivers of energy consumption and construction costs, as well as demonstrate the StepWin program. With BC Energy Step Code going into effect in more regions around the Lower Mainland, this session will help attendees develop better intuition about the choices and pathways leading to top-performing home builds.

Approved for 2.0 CPDs in Construction Technology
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Arman Mottaghi, Co-Founder and CEO, Lambda Science Inc.

Arman Mottaghi and his team at Lambda Science are paving the path for higher efficiency homes in the small residential construction subsector using data and new technologies. Since 2017, Arman has been working on a new approach to energy modeling and cost analysis for BC Energy Step Code, StepWin. Builders wanted to know “how much would it cost me to meet the next Step Code level?” and the answer to that was not clear prior to the introduction of StepWin. Arman is also a Board Director at the BC Sustainable Energy Association.  Arman was also recently featured in BC Business’ Top 30 Under 30.