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Course Description

High-performance homes are assumed to be expensive and complicated but these houses can be designed and constructed so they are a viable option for homeowners considering a custom home.

HAVAN member JDL Homes Vancouver is building a Step 5 NetZero Ready Home in Burnaby and as an opportunity to share what they have learned during this build, principals Doug and Jeff Langdon are taking builders on an in-depth, behind-the-walls site tour of this affordably built high-performance home.  The builders highlight key features of this project, explaining the selected systems and technologies, and implemented methodologies to design and construct this single-family home to the Step 5 NetZero Ready standard.  A mid-construction blower door test is conducted with the project’s Energy Advisor, JRG Building Engineering, followed by a discussion about the test results and next steps.

Key highlights:

  • Mid-construction blower door test
  • ICF basement
  • SIPS: Walls and Roof
  • Windows
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Rainscreen
  • Exterior Details

Thank you to funding partners BC Hydro, BC Housing and FortisBC for their contributions to the production of this video.

Course time: 30 mins

**ALSO AVAILABLE ON ELEARN: As a complement to this site tour, watch the two-hour (2 CPD) webinar, Building to Step 5 NetZero Ready-Making High Performance Affordable: Case Study #1where JDL Homes goes in-depth to discuss this project goals, processes, pathway, systems, design philosophy and costs, which has enabled them to build this custom high-performance home more affordably.

Course curriculum

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Doug and Jeff Langford, JDL Homes Vancouver